Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tuesday top eight.

1- i love that my dermotologist always has someone to line me up with everytime i go in.
[i am good friends with him and his family.]
the nurse thought it was really odd and i laughed.
2- today i stopped by my mom's quilting club.
i might have said, "i wish i wasn't in school and just did this."
3- i like school.
just not humanities.
[please help me change my attitude.]
4- i'm excited to be a mom.
5- i drove by my middle school as the kids were walking home.
i was reminded of how cool i thought i was.
the fact that i wore vans and overalls.
and the first time i stood up for something i believed in.
6- jane, my five year old friend, lost her sucker.
we found it in her hair.
but we didn't tell her because we were laughing too hard and had to get a picture.
7- mom gave me the mocassins i've been wanting forever.
8- billy blanks and DI tonight.

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