Friday, October 29, 2010

i seriously love halloween.

i'm pretty sure halloween is definitely one of my top favorite holidays.
dressing up is so fun.
i've loved making my costumes since i was little.
[i would tell my mom exactly what i wanted until i could make them myself.]
and i just love the fall, halloween feeling in the air.
last week i went to the corn maze.
i jumped on the cornbelly.
[technically called a "jumping pillow" and it's my all-time favorite activity...i want one in my house.]
and then i carved pumpkins
tonight is a halloween dance party.
and dressing up.
and village inn, of course.
[becca and bryan met there. we still go in hopes that one of us will get married in the future. haha]
tomorrow is a haunted house excursion.
and a halloween themed movie of choice.
then sunday is "chili on halloween" tradition with the family.
[my great-grandma carlow always made chili on halloween for us.
i loved her a lot, and it makes me so happy we have kept the tradition alive.]

hope you have a thrilling weekend.

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Becca and Bryan said...

:) ash you make me smile. i miss you lots.