Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day three: ten positive things.

ready for my list of things i like about myself?
usually such lists would be kept to myself, in my journal, where no one would ever see it.
but, here it is for all of you to read.
[listed in no particular order. haha]

ten things i like about myself:
1- i laugh at everything.
2- i'm usually happy.
3- my strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
4- i care about others.
5- i have talents, like sewing.
6- having fun is important.
7- i like that i'm weird.
8- the fact that i'm creative and craft obsessive.
9- i have goals and am working towards them.
10- i appreciate the little things.

ten things i like about my appearance:
1- my curly hair.
2- and that it's blonde.
3- my blue eyes.
4- the way i smile a lot.
5-my lengthy torso and legs.
6- my little hands.
7- the straight teeth from braces and continuous retainer wearing.
[some friends saw it the other day. it's lovely.]
8- the faces i make the show just how i'm feeling.
9- my "canoe feet".
...that's the nickname dad gave them when i was young.
10-my walter nose.
[this one took me a while to appreciate, but i wouldn't be me without it.]

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