Monday, October 11, 2010

day one: no weigh day.

responses to the recapturing beauty challenge day one.
[see below for more info.]
first of all, not weighing myself is not a big problem because we don't own a scale.
and i've never really been big on weighing myself every day.
for me, weight has never been something i focus on. i think i've been in the same general weight range since middle school.  and i guess i haven't cared much for my body image, meaning i haven't obsessed about my weight, or size, or "this extra bit of fat". 
as i think about it i'm so grateful for this.  i remember two of the most impactful lessons.  the first one was my freshman year.  my human development teacher discussed this topic in class and said there are so many college girls that just obsess about weight.  it made me absolutely mad.  mad that girls honestly care so much.  he said, "i wish every girl would throw their scales out the window.  they are so useless and do no good for anyone."  ...well, that's what i did.  i went home and threw my roommate's scale out the window.  she wasn't very happy about it, but i couldn't have been happier.
the second one was earlier this year.  i actually posted about it. [read it here.]  that lesson changed my entire life.  since then i've really changed my ways of thinking.  it's easy now to ignore thoughts of negative body image.  like i said, it's never been a big problem, but everyone has negative thoughts about themselves.  especially when those around you care a lot about it, and voice their thoughts. 
but i don't care.
i like who i am.
i like the way i look.
i like that Heavenly Father made everyone look different.
how lame would it be if every single person looked the same and was the exact same size?
...i don't think i'd like that much. 
i am grateful for my body.
it doesn't matter what shape and size it is.
i like it because it's mine and Heavenly Father made it specifically for me.
and i hope more than anything you appreciate yours a little more.
stop telling yourself you look fat. you don't.
stop telling yourself you aren't skinny enough.  you are perfect the way you are.
stop telling yourself you need to lose five pounds. it's not worth it.
weight is just a number.
a stupid number, and it doesn't matter what it is.

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Kara_V said...

I'm doing the 10 day challenge too :] Right on, sista!