Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day nine: body kindness.

want to know what i did?
i played tennis.
oh, how i love it.
and not only do i find it fun,
it brings back so many memories.
like playing with the team in high school.
and how our friends played multiple times a week during the summer.
and tennis practices that were hilarious.
or hard.
but usually hilarious.
and the great friends i've made through the sport.
i could write all day about tennis if i wanted...
i've added seeing wimbledon live to my bucket list.
[i'll be wearing a big, floppy hat.]
i guess i've never realized but tennis has made part of who i am.
without it i would've missed out on so much.

[me and bff kayla our senior year.]

man, i'm sure grateful for it.


kylee said...

one thing i'm dying to learn how to play.

marlee.patrice said...

bahaha I killed myself running 8 miles for body kindness day.