Monday, September 27, 2010

daily decisions.

sometimes i don't know what to say...
i don't know why.
i mean, this is my blog...i should be able to say whatever i want.

this weekend was fine.
i'd say about 50% productivity.
i didn't show up to something i said i would.
i felt really bad.
but i did run 8 miles.
that was an accomplishment.
after i was too tired and fell asleep studying.
but man it felt nice to sleep.
i didn't watch the R.S. broadcast,
but i did get to see my brother.
i didn't finish my reading,
but i did have some good laughs with my cousins.

you see the problem?
sometimes i don't know what is more important...
is it better to study hard or build relationships?
how do i choose between a church event or seeing my family?
should i feel bad for not going to something when i felt like i had too much on my plate?
...even when i alluded to going?

i guess these are my continuous battles.
knowing what the "best" thing is.
sometimes it's hard to decide.
and sometimes i don't make the right choice.
but i'm grateful Heavenly Father understands.
we just need to keep trying.


kylee said...

sometimes i don't know whats more important either. and other times i do know whats more important but choose to do the less important things. thank goodness for the technology we have these days that allow us to catch up on things we miss. you can spend time with your family & then read or watch the relief society broadcast later! mostly i just suggest you read president monson's talk. super great. and congrats on running 8 miles! i probably wouldn't even last one.

jilly said...

you'll be fine in the whole scheme of things! =0)