Tuesday, September 7, 2010

book world.

warning:  this post contains a spoiler alert.
do not continue reading if you currently are or will soon be reading the "hunger games" trio.

okay. so tonight i finished the above stated series.
here's a little background.
i usually get really into the books i read.
like, take harry potter for example.
when i'm reading those books it's as if i'm living in a harry potter world.
well, these books i really, really enjoyed.
i didn't feel like i was living in them.
[you might understand if you've read them.]
but i couldn't help but try to relate them to my life.
here's what's upsetting me.
i'm a gale fan.
from the beginning he's been my top choice.
he's her best friend.
she loves him.
...and she ends up with peeta.

i was so upset.
i put the book down,
and i was crying because it's so sad,
but i was so mad she ended up with peeta.
she was forced to love him.
and maybe she did end up loving him,
but she never would have picked him to begin with.

okay. i'm done.
there's my two cents about the "hunger games" series.
i still love them.
but if i would've written them katniss would be married to gale right now.

...we don't even know if they talked again.

[i told you i get really involved in my books.]


stacers1316 said...

at first i was upset...but then I realized Katniss didn't not need someone like her...she needed an opposite...Peeta saw her through everything that changed her...Gale knew the girl before the Hunger Games. I think I'd want someone who has been through a little what I have been through and be there to balance me out.

Haha that's my two cents.

kylee said...

first off if i could live in a harry potter world i would be the happiest girl alive.

now for the hunger games.
so glad you agree.
i'm a gale fan too. and it was obvious that she loved him. peeta was a great guy, but not who she loved. that was what got me the most too... was that they didn't even leave gale and katniss on good terms. worst ending ever. the first two books were muuuuch better. also i'm still a little bitter that prim had to die. i loved her. and if she hadn't our dear gale would have won the heart of katniss.