Monday, August 16, 2010


i like to remember the simple things.
here are my favorite texts of the weekend:
a haiku written for me by kelsy.
girl is lame.
but you are not lame.
but _______ is lame.
bc he picks girl and not you.
and, a lovely text of kindness from the wonderful jacob nelson.
"i see your beautiful face everyday i use the computer and it's the best."
last night i had a marriage dream.
it was a good one.
school starts in 2 weeks.
that's crazy.
i haven't even begun to think about packing.
today phil's mom sang "my tall silk hat".
it was one of the best moments ever.
i laughed so hard.
especially at the "a big fat lady sat upon my hat" part.
she included dance moves.
oh and marlee reminded me of the amazing orange julius's we make.
mmm. it makes my mouth water just thinking about them.
if you want a tasty treat stop by our apartment this semester.
life is good people.
sometimes we are disappointed.
sometimes we cry over ridiculous things.
but in the end, it's nice to know it'll always get better.
keep smiling.

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