Friday, June 25, 2010

my love for boy bands.

dear blog readers,

i love boy bands.
so so much.
it's almost embarassing.
the way they have the coordinated outfits.
and how they do the same dance moves.
so. me and the high school besties hit up backstreet boys last night.
i felt like i was in fourth grade again.
i could sing along to almost every word.
and i even remembered some of the dances i made up.
it was real life version of the dream i had of wanting to see them in concert so bad while i watching them perform on disney channel.

car riding blasting backstreet boys.
[just prepping ourselves]

the Backstreet Boys.

"show you the shape of my heart."

[of course we ended with taco bell.]

kayla, kelsy and i agree it was definitely best night ever.
i still totally have a crush on nick carter.
i want "i'll be the one" sung live at my wedding.
and i will forever love boy bands.


post script: kayla may or may not have cried during their last song...
so funny.


Lisa said...

You guys are too cute. I remember my love for NKOTB . . . still think Joey's the cutest!

kylee said...

so jealous! backstreet will always & forever be great.