Friday, June 18, 2010

bff kayla's birthday.

on this day 20 years ago a girl was born.
she was spunky, a red head, and quite small.
[i'm guessing. i wasn't there.]
then 12 years and 2 months later she met me.
people-that's 8 years of kayla and ashley stories i could share.
that's probably about 24,327 pictures we've taken.
[not an exaggeration]
and a lifetime's worth of "do you remember?'s"
one day she'll get the post she deserves.
i should probably actually make an entire blog for her.
BUT i do want to say,
happy birthday kp.
you are amazing, super cool, hilarious.
you make me laugh so hard.
you never let me down.
i know you are always there for me.
i can always look up to you.
you keep my life entertaining.
you have the funniest stories.
and you will help me through anything and everything.
thanks for changing my life.

p.s. i am positive we were friends in the pre-existance.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Oh Ashley... I love you!