Friday, June 4, 2010

all in a week.

so it's june.
overnight moab trip tonight.
[spontaneity rocks my life.]
oh, did i mention i'm building a website?
and my laptop exploded.
the consequence for you all means no pictures.
(until i find that dang cord.)
luckily dad is a computer whizz and can hopefully get that fixed in a jiffy.
i forgot about that trip to the cloisters in 2001.
...the best thing humanities did for me this week.
arby's shakes and addison's basketball games.
and i don't know what it is but i fall in love with the mountains every time i look at them.
this weekend i'm making a bucket list.
a real one.
do you ever read books you don't especially like but you keep reading because you want to see if it gets better?
i'm stuck in one of those right now.
have a fun and safe weekend everybody.

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marlee.patrice said...

I love reading your thought processes.