Friday, May 28, 2010


i've noticed something.
each time one of my friends goes on their mission it feels almost like a hole in my heart.
i know they are doing good things.
i know they are helping people.
i know they are serving the Lord.
but for some reason it still hurts.
and then when you truly think about it, this good bye could be the last one for the rest of your life.
who knows what will happen in two years-
marriage, moving, so many possibilities.
i like to think about the story about the boy with the perfect heart and the old man with the heart that didn't look good.
basically everyone praises the perfect heart because it looks so amazing but the old man teaches that his heart is worth so much more.  his doesn't look good because he's given parts of his heart to others.  and then he's puts pieces of hearts given to him by others into it's place.  they learn that day that his heart truly is worth more because he's shared love, heartache, and many experiences to get his heart in the amazing imperfect state it's in.
when i think of that i know this hole is okay.
it's been filled in by their friendship, their love, their kindness.
and yeah, sometimes it might be hard or sad.
but, i hope to remember the old man and have a heart like his.
it proves that i've loved and shared and lived.

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