Friday, March 12, 2010

"pump up the jam."

this next week i'm going to be on top of my game.
mostly so i can watch some games.
[if you understand my reference then you rock. if you don't., keep reading.]
but i'm finishing everything that i've put off...
my tests.
declare my minor.
and just do my homework rather than procrastinate.
i'll grocery shop.
and exercise.
mainly pretend that this past week has been spring break.
plus. flash forward starts up again.
and march madness begins.
...i haven't watched so much tv since weekly "amazing race" family time.
(please note: if you ever come across sign ups for the above stated show please let me or hilary know. we've been looking to sign up for quite some time now...)
i'm pumped.
so pumped i feel like i listened to the whole space jam cd with addison.
do something to pump yourself up and make this next week great.
(oh, and have a good weekend. <3)

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