Monday, March 1, 2010

life lesson.

today in church i was reminded of valuable lessons.
one young man said, "sometimes we wonder why we suffer trials when we are doing good things.  these trials are reminders of how much we need the Savior in our lives.  how much we truly rely on Him."

the focus was on helping "the one." 
that one person who may be needing our help.

i've had an experience with a friend and i wondered why i was the one dealing with it too.
why i was the person they relied on.
i didn't know if i could handle having that burden on me.
i didn't know how i could help if i didn't understand.
i didn't know what would happen.

then this lesson came so profoundly at church.
i am here to help others. 
at the age of eight, when i was baptized, i made a covenant to help "bear one another's burdens."
{mosiah 18:8-9}

these were my simple answers.
answers that not only changed my life, but literally the life of another.


Hilly said...

You are such a great example ash, I am go grateful you are the way God made you, cuz quite frankly, YOU ROCK!

Syd said...

you don't have to deal with that burden alone. :) because i like to think that TOGETHER we made a difference! i ♥ you.

Cool Mom said...

you are a lifesaver!