Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a lot of stuff to do.

you know when you have a million things to do?
it's one of those days.
and what do i spend my time doing?

i was going to say happy wednesday.
until i realized it's still only tuesday.

"T. R. U. C. K.
keep on trucking all the way."
-Nick Walter

this has been enough of a distraction
[which i prefer to call "needed study break"]
back to my:
2 tests.
2 papers.
1 quiz to write.
1 filing system.
1 chapter to read.
1 form to fill out online.
1 interview.
1 review.
1 trying to find batteries for my lame iclicker.
and 2 classes.

don't feel too bad for me. it'll all be over by tomorrow night. <3

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