Thursday, February 4, 2010

does this count?

SO...remember how one of my life goals is to go to a Celine Dion concert?
well. this is my almost achieving it....
[meaning if she dies before me. never has a concert again. or i suddenly hate her music.]
then i'll count this.
note: that is if i get tickets.
also note: this is just a movie/documentary. that's why it doesn't technically count. 
But i really want to go.
i'm tempted to not say the name...what if you get tickets and i don't?
just don't do that to me.
you're invited to come with.
{just let me know. ASAP.}
here it is:
man i'm freaking excited.<3


Cool Mom said...

what are you talking about? are you going to the concert?

smashLey said...

oh. i forgot to mention it's a movie/documentary thing. i'll go change it.