Friday, January 1, 2010

new years resolutions.

hello 2010.
new year, new decade.
i'm sure there is quite a lot in store for the future.
here's what i'll be doing this year...

1- Change someone's life (even if it's in the most insignificant way)
2- Write in my journal once a week
3- Become a better cook
4- Learn to master photoshop
5- Give someone a Book of Mormon
6- Finish 10 books that i WANT to read
7- Exercise twice a week
8- Go on a road trip
9- Play 1000 rounds of Bananagrams [15 done already]
10- Finish my quilt

...and there you have it. 
now that the internet world knows my intentions i have to do them, right?
well, hopefully you'll keep me inspired...i would hate to let you down.
make some goals for yourself.
{it's sure fun to check them off when you complete them.}

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