Thursday, December 17, 2009

10. 9.

we're in the single digits people! 

so when it comes to Christmas i like to think about traditions.
i love celebrating this holiday with my family.
here are some of ours.
-decorating the tree.  dad and i always put the angels on last.
-christmas breakfast. nana's lemon syrup. 
-christmas eve pajamas.
-acting out the Christmas story at the Walter party. and getting the new family calendar.
-dad always has to check if santa came before we can go to the tree
-playing "Carol of the Bells" with addison.
-putting straw in the manger when we do service.

these are some of the things i love.
what are some of yours? 
celebrate with old traditions,
even make some new ones.
but whatever you do share it with those you love...

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Lisa said...

My family plays BINGO and opens 1 present on Christmas Eve. Growing up we could not leave our rooms to open presents unless our room was clean- not my favorite tradtion!