Thursday, November 5, 2009

loss of words?

if you ever need something to say here are a few of my favorite phrases:
-shoot dawg, shoot:  oh no, that's no good.
-ya mind?:  seriously? or get out of my way. or could you stop that please?
-awkdog:  awkward. (add "with a tail" at the end if it's really awkward.)
-it smells like updog in here:  what's up dog?
-that's funny: apparently it's said "fun-knee"

well, as it appears, i really like words that relate to dogs?  ...who knew? 
make up a new phrase today. i dare you.
[then tell me about it.]


Time for Taralyn! said...

I forgot how you say fun-knee. and Mon-knee. and Hun-knee. Walty Walty. My love for you and your colloquialisms could fill an ocean.

Janelle Webb said...

how about "sucks to be me right now" with spanish accent