Tuesday, October 27, 2009

first snow.

i can't lie, thinking about winter slightly depresses me.
it's cold. no sunshine. short days. it's cold.
sometimes i don't even want to walk to class because it's cold.
and every year i get upset when it snows before halloween.
yet, it happens every year.
BUT there are a few good things about winter.
1. sledding.  i absolutely love it. [until i can't feel my body.]
2-7. Christmas. (including lights, food, presents, decorations, family, parties, etc.)
8.  oranges that actually taste good.
9.  having a purpose to wear my snow hat collection.
10. actually.. that might be all.
but hey, a few good things to keep me happy this winter.

dear spring/summer,
please don't be afraid to come REALLY early next year.
i am pretty positive no one minds.
and tell mr. sun i miss him already.

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