Wednesday, September 2, 2009

school adventures thus far.

well. here they are:
-trying to get the iron out. {that closet smells like up dog}
-oven fire. (not worries.)
-yes dad, our smoke detector works.
-had [and killed] our first pet. he was a praying mantis named henry.
-attempted cooking dinner.
-came to the realization i may just suffer from starvation this year.
-already behind in reading assignments.
-fell asleep on the couch reading.
-hil woke me up there afraid i had food poisoning again.
-talked to "random boy" at work. {still don't know his name}
-had our neighbors bang on the wall already cause we were too loud.
-shared roommate secrets.
-already had to try my hardest to stay awake in stats.

i've got a feeling [ooooh, ooh.] this year will be FULL of lots more adventures.
bring it.

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