Monday, July 6, 2009


i did it.
not for very long.
but i went.
checked it out.
yes, i went to the Young Single Adult {YSA} Dance.
it lasted about 10 whole minutes.
kind of a problem when you see friends in the parking lot and they say
"NO! i wouldn't go in if i were you...."
bad news bears.
BUT i mustered up the courage and took a peek.
worse than a stake dance.
didn't think that was possible, did ya?
i concluded there were a total a TEN people there.
we brought half of that with us making it fifteen.
the problem: live band.
us young single adults are not big fans of the whole live band thing.
if we wanted to see someone live we'd go to their concert.
play the upbeat pop stuff that we can bust out our dancing with geo skills.
[Geo taught me all my best moves. Great all-a-dollar snag.]
here's my solution: play good music.
and everyone get your friends to go.
more people make a party is what i always say.
so. there you have it.
the foreboding YSA dance still seems, well, a little foreboding.
maybe that's a little strong. but you know what i'm saying...

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hey, sometimes the dances work. It'll be 7 years for us on Monday!