Sunday, July 26, 2009

sunday postal service.

i read this this week and was a big fan.
"Nine Lessons i Learned from my Father" (Aug. 2009 New Era)
1. Believe in God: Faith in Him will get you through life's storms.
2. Be honest and upright: Live a clean life, true to your principles and without deceit.
3. Dream and dream big: Righteous dreams do come true.
4. Share inspiring stories: Stories move us and connect us as human beings.
5. Read a lot: If knowledge is power, reading is your access to that power.
6. Work hard: Work is a blessing.
7. Give freely: What you give or how much matters little, only that you give often and give what you can.
8. Enjoy clean humor: Laughter unlocks your heart and makes life fun.
9. Let music soothe you: Worthy music speaks to your soul.

i like this list.
i might just print one out and put it on my wall.
in Relief Society we talked about learning lessons by other people's experiences.
Let's take these lessons and make them our own.
We can all take something from these and make ourselves a little better.
Make it a great week. =0)

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