Friday, June 5, 2009

why i love my mother.

reasons why i love my mom.
(in no particular order; partial list)
1) she talks to me until the early hours of the morning about anything and everything.
2) she has a list of boys for me to marry.
3) she is absolutely hilarious.
4) she has a strong testimony.
5) she tells me to excercise and wakes me up even when i complain.
6) she tells me i'm a hippie and other things...hahaha.
7) she says this when i tell her stamp prices went up..."well now it looks like emailing is cheaper than sending letters." and i said, "mom...its's always been cheaper than letters."
8) she has lots of embarrassing moments, but they are hilarious so not really that embarrassing.
9) she takes pictures of me everytime i ask.
10) she loves me.

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