Sunday, June 7, 2009

sunday food for thought ..mmm....tasty..

So today i was sitting in Relief Society and the lesson was about having a change of heart. Previously in Sunday School we talked about the power that Jesus Christ has and also the power Satan has. Our teacher asked why the trees and mountains will move when Christ asks but not when Satan does. He said it was because they have ultimate trust. Jesus Christ will never have them do anything that will not be for the best good for everyone around. As i was sitting in Relief Society it occurred to me that we need to have a change of heart as well. A change of heart to find this trust that anything that happens in our life will be for our best good. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have so much love for each individual that all they want is for our best interest. Nothing in this world is so incredible than realizing of the infinite and intimate love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children. It is this pure love the can make people so happy. It's real. We can feel it if we just turn to Him. <3
There you have thoughts of the day. Hope it is a fantastic week for everyone!

...OREGON in three days baby!

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