Monday, July 20, 2009


i collect fortunes to one day cover an entire wall in my house.
i have the desire to mail people birthday cards when it isn't their birthday.
i laugh really loud.
i pretend my life is a musical.
i tell myself that it is any one of these days my parents will tell me i've been a princess my whole life.
i tell silly stories.
i get upset when customers tell me i'm wrong and i know i'm right.
i just want to dance.
i have creativity withdrawls.
i design houses while i sit in class rather than take notes.
i make up scenarios for what might go on in people's lives when i see them on a bus or train or walking down the street.
i make myself proud.
i am stubborn.
i ask random questions.
i go for a drive just to listen to music in my car. or to see the sunset better.
i make a good joke.
i pretend to have a secret identity.
i drive my family crazy.
i work hard and do my best.
i drive with the windows down.
i send letters so i can get mail too.
i go through all the pictures i've ever taken just to have a flood of memories.
i ignore reality.
i feel like i'm going to burst with love.
i just want to read for the rest of the day.
i slow down to look at the scenery.
i remember how lukcy i am.
i try to do my good turn daily.
i take lots of pictures.
i get excited over little things.
i imagine lots of crazy different scenarios.
i just want to sleep.
i have so many ideas.
i wish i had more time.
i remember how i wanted to be michael jordan.
i procrastinate.
i like playing badminton because i feel like i'm in princess diaries.
i feel cool when i am taught new tricks.
i like laying on the grass for hours just letting the time go by.
i laugh with my friends because they are hilarious.
i miss playing tennis.
i laugh out loud when i'm alone.
i try to put myself in someone else's shoes.
i like doing the dishes.
i miss my missionary friends a lot.
i want to say "just do it already."
i think about the future.
i do it just to prove i can.
i pray.
i look for an adventure.
i think about you.
i wonder if i'll make it to 100.
i blast my celine dion and rascal flatts playlist.
i spend too much time on the computer.
i wonder if it had gone differently.
i remember why i don't allow myself to go to the craft store very often.
i spill the beans.
i just like to sit there.
i think it's just about the best day ever.
i wonder why.
i think i'm pretty legit.
i try to stand a little taller.
i tell someone i love them.
i sleep talk.
i have dance parties.
i try to convince everyone that manatees do rock.
i play the piano.
i see something in my head and make it happen.
i don't care what others think.
i let people down.
i scream.
i make up my own phrases.
i imagine having my own show like Oprah's.
i crave cheese.
i think about the good ole' days.
i spend too much money.
i try to cook.
i laugh at jokes.
i think about hannah montana's hard life.
i love sewing.
i am inspired.
i find something beautiful.
i want it my way.
i wish i had a time machine.
i realize i'm wrong.
i just want to give up.
i am different.
i really do need that.
i don't act like myself.
i am a leader.
i want to talk.
i experience fatigue.
i say funny things.
i pretend to be famous.
i am afraid of the dark.
i try to be a little better.
i live.
i laugh.
i love.
i am just plain ashley.
...but just sometimes.

Happy Post 100.
thanks for reading.


kelsy lynne. said...

sometimes i just did one of these and i'm not creative or interesting enough to finish it. and sometimes that time is now. then i came to your page. and obviously you had done one too. sometimes we have the same brain.

kelsy lynne. said...

p.s. like half of my list is on your list too. same brain. no lie.