Sunday, June 14, 2009

honey, i'm home!

hello, hello.
pretty much Wilsonville is rockin'.
my roommate is stellar.
and i had the best time in OR.
i was able to:
.talk to hilly until we both fell asleep just like the good ole days.
.get a whole ton of stuff, including nike bowling shoes, total $50. (i <3 thrifty-ness.)
.bike all over willyville.
.end up near a "pride festival" and be called a lesbian. seriously?
.kick back, relax, take naps and watch some icarly.
.meet all the friends i've heard so much about.
.hit up the drive in.
.play tennis, frisbee, bike and swim.
.eat lunch with our aunt and cousin.
.drive my uncle's brand new sports car.
.take some sweet pics.
.drink out of a cup made from corn....looked like plastic.
.support my roomie in her half-marthathon. she rocks.
.and pretty much have an all-around incredible time.

SHOUT OUT to the Hilly and her family.
Thanks so much for everything!! for reals.

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