Wednesday, May 13, 2009

summer plans.

1. Send every person i know on least sometimes it seems that way.
2. slurpee fight.
3. go to visit the roomie in wilsonville, oregon.
4. work.
5. paint a rocking chair from D.I., as well as spend some quality time there.
6. start a photography business with kayla. (
7. Road Trip!
8. help at girls camp.
9. lagoon with the cousins
10. tip a cow
11. finish my quilt.
12. attend a FACS conference.
13. play at the park.
14. light some fireworks and go to the parade with grandpa
15. attend institute.
16. sleep on the dirt hill
17. campfires and slip'n'slides
18. costa vida fridays
19. quidditch and harry potter premiere!
20. tennis.
21. go to the temple
22. make a rollerblade gang
23. build a legit fort.
24. hit up the water park
25. enjoy every minute of the "sunshine and summertime!"

1 comment:

stacers1316 said...

you know what water park right???? RAGING WATERS! p.s. if you tell me in advance what day your coming i can get you in for $10...thats like half off ;)