Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the things i've learned in college.

I've successfully completed my freshman year, and also succesfully lost one of all my favorite pairs of earrings.
Here goes my list of the things i've learned this year in college:
- College is hard
- Even if you work your tail off you probably won't get the best grade, but it'll still be good
- Just call maintenance if the sink doesn't drain
- "We may fail our tests but at least we love life"
- Life is a lot easier with friends
- Our life isn't as bad as Miley Cyrus'
- Make time for a good dance party
- Facebook is the devil
- i have the best job!
- Next year i will be in the same boat with not knowing any guys at school.
- Laugh harder
- It's not worth the fight to argue over little things. Just let it go.
- You may not always get along with others but you can always work it out
- Human development is NOT like Child development in high school
- To never take 8 o'clock classes
- Serve others around you
- Do your visiting teaching
- Help others when they need your help and they will return the favor in your time of need
- Just when you think you know your roommate, something else comes out
- As we rely and focus on the Savior He will assist us in our every need
- The best (and worst) roommate bonding is having the flu together and being up all night
- When your roommate and you share clothes your closet doubles
- A lot more stuff can fit in the dorm room than it seems
- Vending machine food is only good for so many months...
- i know some amazing people!
- life is good. =0)

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hilly said...

each one of those got better and better. can we make that into a posster for us???