Thursday, June 5, 2008

...the time has come.

it's official...i'm a high school graduate. i always joked that i was going to be a high school drop out and save the rain forest because then they wouldn't have to make copies of useless papers. But now, i'm all finished!! it's such a crazy feeling!

My parents and i! i LOVE them!

Some of my wonderful friends! Tanner, Kayla, Me, Kelsy, Chase and Stephen.

Best Buds!!
Kayla and i!

My parents gave me this amazing laptop!! i was SO shocked and excited! ...and it is what i'm on right now because i'm in Boston with my cousins!! we're going to have a fun time!!

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Emily said...

DUDE! Cool! I'm so excited for you to have a new laptop! My parents came to me asking me that they'd brain stormed but just couldn't come up with anything, so what did I want to graduation? I suggested a laptop, but my dad adamantly refused because "Laptops get STOLEN!" So we were looking at brand new desktop computers ... mmm, shiny, bright, LCD ... and they agreed to get a new computer! Sweet! Now Ashi, we've got to visit each other at college. OKAY?!?!