Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pieces of DC.

Here is Washington, D.C.:

The AMAZING clouds from the airplane!

The first place we went we to the Smithsonian- the Air and Space Museum. One of my new favorite places!! i have always loved space! =0)

i also love learning about World War II and they had an airplane exhibit just for that! Way cool!

Washington Memorial!

This was the WWII Memorial with the Washington in the background.

The Lincoln Memorial

i absolutely loved this one! it was probably one of my favorites!! i think it's cause i read a book about him a few summers ago, he was an amazing man!

Mt. Vernon - George Washington's home. This place was very cool too. Ha ha ha. i'm telling ya, i'm such a nerd. All i kept thinking about here was my 3rd grade report that my dad helped me on by bringing slides (real slides...the old kind. ha ha ha.)

Here is the tomb of George and Martha Washington.

The Jefferson Memorial.

This is Katie and i waiting for the Metro one day...

The Library of Congress- the most beautiful and spectacular building!!

So i concluded that this picture should go on a postcard, i'm basically pro. ha ha ha. But this is the Supreme Court building!

You got's our nation's capitol! it was really cool, we got to see the Senate live in session... one speaker and 99 empty chairs. ha ha ha.

Sometimes your cousins just need a little beating for teasing their siblings... i was pretty proud, i got both of them at once. ha ha.

Here is us in front of the back of the White House!

We got to go to the International Spy Museum and dinner with my cousin and her family who are living in Washington, D.C. for the summer! it was so great to see them!

Arlington Cemetary. This is a really neat place!

So these are just some of the places we went. i honestly thought i was going to have a brain overload but it was SO awesome!! We also went to the Holocaust Museum which was..i don't know what word to use to describe it. Sad but interesting. Outstanding yet awful. i would suggest going there if you can! So there is my trip in "brief".


Michelle said...

I heart D.C. too! I'm glad we got to see you guys while you were here and glad you had such a good time!

Markemilius said...

is it just me or is there an alien up in the air in the background of the washington memorial picture?! oh wait, nevermind, I guess it's just one of those giant flying squids.