Sunday, June 8, 2008

BOSTON! ...highlights.

First i would just like to state that it is so easy to get lost in this place. You never really know where you are going! So the first day we had nothing to do because we got in really late the night before and, oh, let me start off by saying that my uncle brought me along to watch his kids while he had to do business stuff, and it was my graduation present. So now that that is taken care of, our first day we found a store online and walked to it... Round trip we went about 4.5 miles. HA HA HA. The best was that it was mostly along like a busy road, that pretty much had a forest along the side and no sidewalks, plus it was drizzling. it was great fun!

Day 2- We went on an awesome Boston Tour!

This first stop was at Harvard. Supposedly if you rub this statue's shoe it is supposed to bring you good luck. It is a beautiful campus!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's home. Basically i concluded that i'm one of those really cool people who loves museums and history...and i really want to live in a colonial house!

This was the Bunker Hill Memorial.
i probably should have read this sign before i headed up. Katie and i just about died going up. ha ha ha. We didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into...294 stairs, nonstop. i'm still sore, and obviously out of shape. But give us a break, we did it in about 6 minutes. Although, the 3 boys did it in about 4 minutes and weren't sore at all.

The USS Constitution. This boat has been around since like the 1800s!

Boston's skinniest house, and the smallest one i've ever seen! it's called the "Spite House" because the man who built it did so that his neighbor could not recieve any sunlight. it's about 10 feet wide, and someone actually lives in it!

This is a neat, super old cemetary we stopped in with the steeple of the Old North Church in the background. (You may recognize it from National Treasure! =0) i watched that on the plane, just so i was all caught up in my history! ha ha ha!) And below is the Trinity Church. They have the most amazing architecture here! it is all so beautiful!

BOATING! Who would have thought?! My uncle's friends took us to Lake Webster where we had a grand old time. it was so nice to be in the SUN!!! i've definately been longing that! We had some fun tubing and just hanging out on the boat all day. i have a nice burn on my thighs- they have not seen sun in a long time!
And the Boston Temple! it was so pretty!!

Boston has been a lot of fun! There is still so much we didn't have time to see, but it's been wonderful being here! Tomorrow we fly to Washington D.C., which i am SO excited for!! Thanks Uncle Steve!!!


Dad said...


Looks like you are having a great time in Boston. I am excited to see the pictures from Washington,DC and Mt Vernon.

Michelle said...

Crazy!!! You're only like an hour from our house...well our NH house! I don't know when you'll get this comment, but I tried to call uncle Steve today cause we're in DC too!!! Call me and we can hook up!

Emily said...

Looks like you're havin' fun!! I wanna live in a 10-foot-wide house that blocks my neighbor's sunlight ... j/k