Thursday, November 1, 2007


It was one of those days:
Embarrassing? Yes
Hilarious? Yes...Mom sure thought so
Did I care? No- I was laughing too hard.

You know those dreams where you go to school naked? Okay, well that's not exactly what happened...just listen. We had a morningside today, which was great (except I was exhausted). So I was walking into school by myself afterward, carrying my jeans to change into and my backpack. Nothing was wrong until I reached the door....and looked down! My skirt was slidding down, really down. I about died- I don't know if it was from laughter or embarrassment. A slippery skirt plus a slippery, well ironically, slip do not exactly mix. Quickly, I pulled it up and slyly glanced around to see if anyone had seen and headed straight to the bathroom. There I laughed and laughed, and told Kayla and laughed and laughed. I found it quite humorous, but the best part was telling my mom after school. She was literally rolling on the floor as I reinacted my dilema.
Lesson learned: Check the clothes...

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he-who-must-not-be-named said...

This isn't directly related, but one time there was this kid that pantsed me. I was wearing my lion king underwear that day. I cried for hours.
anyway, your problem could have been worse....